Eset and Windows 10

I compare uninstalling Symantec Endpoit Security on Windows 7-8, with Eset Smart Security on Windows 10.

1. Symantec Endpoint Security on Windows 7-8.

It takes a few minutes, we can use system function to uninstall this antivirus. Control Panel -> Programs and Functions.

2. Eset Smart Security on Windows 10.


How to add Kali Linux Repository. Source list update. (kali linux update)

After installation Kali Linux, you need to edit source list, because without it Kali Linux can't be update.

First we need to edit file /etc/apt/source.list

vim /etc/apt/source.list

You need to paste into file:

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
# For source package access, uncomment the following line
# deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free

First line is responsible for update.

Linux Centos 7 connection with Windows RDP (Remmina alternative)

Xfreerdp is an X11 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client which is part of the FreeRDP project.

Big advantages :
- easy in use

- fast
- light
- use from console.


First install freerdp.


yum install freerdp freerdp-plugins

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install freerdp-x11


Usefull options for freerdp.